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Sibashish Dash

GFZ Potsdam, Germany

Project: Subsurface precursors driving slope instability

My research objectives: Seismic monitoring detects underground signals indicating slip acceleration in weak areas, which is crucial for understanding the physics of catastrophic events like landslides. Observing these signals can aid in forecasting and mitigating such disasters.

Last News (February 2024): 

In recent months, my research has centred on the Brienz Rockslide event, which transpired on June 15th, 2023. Through the utilization of seismic and radar data, I have focused on identifying a distinct subset of sub-surface precursors originating from the Insel rock mass. These precursors are hypothesized to be associated with the protracted sliding of the Insel mass in the lead-up to its eventual collapse. Concurrently, I am conducting an in-depth analysis to elucidate the dynamics of the cause-and-effect relationship between these sub-surface precursors and the surface mass wasting phenomenon. Furthermore, in November 2023, I undertook an expedition to the Hiddensee Islands located in the Baltic Sea. The purpose of this expedition was to perform maintenance and dismantle seismic instrumentation installed in the region.