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Sophia Laporte

Umeå University, Sweden


Climate change impacts on river dynamics : using environmental seismology to understand ice-related sediment transport and erosion

My research objectives:

In today's climate warming context, river-ice dynamics are changing, yet our understanding of ice effects on river morphology is limited. To overcome the difficulties of field work on thin ice, this project aims at using environmental seismology to describe and quantify sediment transport and bank erosion processes due to ice over the seasons.

Last News (Newsletter #2 - February 2024): 

This autumn, I’ve continued to collect data from the two studied river sites (Mjellejohka in Abisko, Sävarån near Umeå), and have been dealing with some field surprises and equipment malfunctions, most of which have now been resolved . I was able to present at two Swedish conferences (Climate Impacts Research Center Symposium in Abisko, Hydrology Days in Norrköping) where I met with researchers from various fields, and many were very interested in seismic methods and curious to apply them to ecological and hydrological questions. I’ve have started to process some of the seismic, topographic and time-lapse data from Abisko, and I am very grateful to my super helpers at Abisko Research Station who went out and collected data by -20 degres. I am also working on the communication
project at Umeå Curiosum. Soon I’ll be having winter field work at Sävarån where we will drill river-ice to measure ice thickness, water depth and take discharge measurements under the ice using an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler.