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Amandine Missana

NTNU Trondheim, Norway

Project: Environmental seismology for detection of rock slope failure activity in Norway

My research objectives: When I get asked what my PhD is about, I answer "rock and roll!" as its main objective is to better understand rockslides, in Norway. I focus on their mechanism at depth, evolution over time, internal and external conditioning, and change of environmental conditions. At the same time as we study rockslides, we experiment on how to use environmental seismology on them (questions such as: where to place the sensors? which parameters to choose?).

Last News (Newsletter #2 - February 2024): 

As I write this summary, I am about to leave Grenoble, France, where I have spent the last month for my first secondment. During this secondment I have been working and learning a lot about seismology at ISTerre, with my co-supervisor, Eric Larose, and the research, Agnes Helmstetter. Looking back a bit further in time, last semester ended rather successfully. I passed two courses, had a successful first fieldwork campaign and my media partner published the first popularized-science article about my PhD project. Now, I still have to take three more courses to validate all my credits. Therefore, two weeks ago I started a new course in statistics that I will be taking for the whole semester. We are also in the process of planning the second field work campaign, which should provide me with the most interesting data for my thesis.