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Juliane Starke

ISTerre, University Grenoble Alpes, France

Project: Acoustics and Seismics of Natural Cliffs to Understand and Monitor Fracturing and Erosion Processes.

My research objectives: The project will explore instrumentation and methods to distinguish irreversible damage and fracturing from seasonal, reversible effects. These structural changes in a rock mass will be detected using ambient seismic noise cross-correlation, while fracture development will be tracked with active coda waves (acoustic probing).

Last News (February 2024): 

Juliane is slowly finding her way into her PhD topic. Currently, she is trying to model the resonance frequency of a rock column derived from ambient temperature and solar radiation. Resonance frequencies of a rock column are of interest, because they are very perceptive to changes of the column’s general state. The next step would be to implement rainfall into her model. This would reveal important information on the role of rain as the driving factor of erosion.