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Bringing together 10 leading research groups from 7 countries, EnvSeis will train 12 ESRs in both seismology and Earth surface sciences, to lay the ground for a next strong generation of environmental seismologists.

Projects list

Please note that your application must meet the European Commission eligibility criteria, which you can find here.

ESR projectHost InstitutionApplication statusExpected start dateDetails

ESR01: Process-domain interactions and causal links between fluvial and hillslope processes

GFZ Potsdam, GermanyClosed01/03/2023

ESR02: Seasonality of erosion and sediment transfer in mountain landscapes

GFZ Potsdam, GermanyOpen
Deadline: 15/12/2022

ESR03: Environmental seismology of river floods in three continents: identifying, understanding and quantifying the effect of bed roughness on seismic monitoring of bedload flux and turbulence

BGU, IsraelOpen
Deadline: 01/03/2023

ESR04: Noise in the ocean: Monitoring anthropogenic pollution and natural noise in the sea

GEOMAR Kiel, GermanyOpen
Deadline: 31/12/2022

ESR05: Climate change impacts on river ice-related sediment transport and erosion

Umeå University, SwedenOpen
Deadline: 22/12/2022

ESR06: Quantification of ice mass loss due to iceberg calving in Greenland by coupling seismology, modelling and machine learning

IPGP Paris, FranceOpening soon 

ESR07: Environmental seismology: Acoustic and Seismic of natural cliffs, to better understand and monitor fracturation and erosion process

ISTerre Grenoble, FranceOpening soon 

ESR08: Understanding the seismic signature of extreme river and debris floods

IGE Grenoble, FranceOpen
Deadline: 16/12/2022

ESR09: Environmental seismology for detection of rockslide activity in Norway

NTNU Trondheim, NorwayOpen
Deadline: 05/11/2022

ESR10: Modelling of seismic waves generated by submarine landslides and tsunamis

Universidad de Sevilla, SpainOpen
Deadline: 10/01/2023

ESR11: Seismic sensing of subglacial to proglacial marginal sediment flux

UNIL Lausanne, SwitzerlandClosed 

ESR12: Debris Flow Monitoring with Distributed Acoustic Sensing

WSL, SwitzerlandOpen01/03/2023