The Department of Geoscience and Petroleum (IGP) is one of eight departments within the faculty of engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The activities of the department contribute to research, development, and innovation within three of NTNU’s four main strategic research areas – energy, sustainability, and oceans. IGP currently has six research groups, within Engineering Geology and Rock Mechanics, Geology, Geophysics, Mineral Production and HSE, Reservoir Engineering and Petrophysics, and Well Construction and Production Systems. With a staff comprising of over 200 people in scientific, technical, and administrative positions, the department is host for, and a partner in, several large RCN- and EU-funded research projects, including the Norwegian high profile Centres of Excellence, Reseach-based Innovation, and Environment-friendly energy Research: LowEmission; PoreLab; SUBPRO; HydroCen; SWIPA; CGF. IGP is responsible for 14 laboratories, mechanical-, and electronic workshops.

Key Research Facilities

IGP has a state-of-the-art laboratory facilities where in-depth study on the rock and soil mechanical properties; mineral processing and flotation technique; geophysics; petroleum technology. IGP in combination with the partner NORSAR have all necessary equipment to perform the tasks described in the proposal. International staff and PhD fellows will be welcomed to use wide range of services offered at IGP. In addition, NTNU has a dedicated and experienced EU office in Brussel that may be utilised to deal with any financial or legal issues related to the ITN project.