The Universidad de Sevilla (USE), with more than 69000 students, and 7000 staff, is the third largest university in Spain. More than 12000 students are enrolled into 111 master programs and 32 doctoral programs. The USE is also committed to research with more than 400 national and regional and 56 European open projects. In addition to its 4300 academic staff, there are 1500 researchers under different contracts. Research is carried out in the university departments, in 8 joint research centres and in 10 university research institutes.

Key Research Facilities

University of Seville Research, Technology and Innovation Centre (CITIUS) brings together 15 USE General Research Services. CITIUS has highly qualified and specialist personnel and latest generation scientific-technical equipment, provides state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and techniques to research groups, public research institutes and industries. There are laboratories specialized in microanalysis techniques, X-Ray and radioisotopes techniques, LSC, microscopy, ICP-OES, ICP-MS and mass spectrometry, OSL/TLD, NMR, XPS, Biology techniques and sample preparation, among others. USE embraces academia, industry and engineering and science, with a powerful educational and technological infrastructure. The Institute of Mathematics of the University of Seville (IMUS) will host ESR10. The high-performance computing infrastructure of IMUS consists of 3 high performance computing clusters, and access to infrastructures at the Centro de Informática Científica de Andalucía (CICA).