CABAC - County Adminstrative Board of Västerbotten (Sweden)

The County Administrative Board of Västerbotten (CAB AC) is the authority representing the government in Västerbotten county. The main task is to ensure that the Parliament’s and the Government's decisions will have an impact in the county, simultaneously as regarding local conditions. CAB AC is an important link between the people and the municipalities on one hand, and the government, parliament and central authorities on the other. CAB AC has an overall responsibility for environmental issues in the county. The unit of Environmental Analysis at CAB AC has a responsibility of water management and are regularly monitoring and evaluating the state of streams, rivers and lakes in the county. CAB AC has extensive experience and knowledge of restoration of rivers negatively affected by timber-floating activities. CAB AC has acted as coordinator or co-financier in more than 10 river restoration projects and has organised several workshops, courses, and seminars with restoration as the topic. Currently, CAB AC is the coordinating beneficiary of the two LIFE projects ReBorN LIFE (LIFE15 NAT/SE/000892) and Ecostreams for LIFE (LIFE19 NAT/SE/000333) focusing on restoration of streams and rivers.