OSEAN (France)

OSEAN has a range of underwater products for recording acoustic data in harsh environments. For example, OSEAN designs and manufactures subsea equipment for the real-time recording of seismic data, deployed at the bottom of the oceans, such as OBS or drifting, such as MOBY MERMAID profiling floats. OSEAN 's expertise is based on a team of experienced and passionate engineers and technicians working with state-of-the-art equipment. OSEAN carries out studies in the following fields: electronics, computer science, optics and mechanics. OSEAN is committed to producing the most robust and reliable products in the respect of safety and quality required by the defence or scientific field.

Key Research Facilities

In order to carry out the tests of its submarine systems, OSEAN has a semi-Rigid 7.5m type boat based in the harbor of Toulon. Its carrying capacity allows OSEAN to launch oceanographic buoys and large-scale acoustic tests. OSEAN also has a pool of tests in its infrastructure allowing the development of equipment before deployment in full scale.