IEO - Instituto Español de Oceanografía (Spain)

The IEO is a public research organism founded in 1914 involved in multidisciplinary marine research. IEO is responsible for providing the scientific basis for the management of marine living resources exploited by the Spanish fishing fleets, as well as advice on issues related to aquaculture, oceanography and marine environment. The IEO headquarters are located in Madrid but has 9 coastal centers, 5 aquaculture plants and 5 research vessels. The current staffs include more than 600 people, half of which are qualified scientists.

Key Research Facilities

The GEMAR group of the IEO currently has two structural projects for the observation and knowledge of natural hazard processes in Spain. The RIGEL project is dedicated to the study of geohazards in the continental margins of Spain and the VULCANA project to the study of submarine volcanic activity in the Canary Islands region, also participates in several activities of the Spanish R+D+I programs for the observation of different types of marine geohazards: seismotectonic, landslides, erosion in the continental margins, especially in southern Spain.

The IEO has two modern ships for the study of continental margins equipped for this purpose with acoustic observing systems of the latest generation (side scan sonar, multibeam and parametric echosounders) as well as the facility for the installation of high resolution seismic equipments.